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In my academic life, which I started as an assistant in Civil Engineering Water Resources Department in 1993, I prepared many national and international articles on flood modeling, drought, climate change, hydraulics, hydrology and water resources management. I taught abroad as part of the European Union Erasmus program. I worked at Michigan Technological University for my Tübitak supported project to do research after PhD. My dear students are the only reason I have overcome working almost 25 hours a day and why I am still in academic life. It is always my strongest passion to give hundreds of students both academic knowledge and a vision of life!


You may be wondering how I became an expert in coaching since I was progressing in the field of engineering. Although the story is long; the most important reason is my daughter. The entrance exam from middle school to high school (in our time: SBS) was 3 years in a row, not one year like it was in the past. I did not want to drag my daughter from lesson to lesson, from school to classroom in this huge 3-year stressful period. I was a student coach first. What I learned has reached a different dimension with academic research. In addition to trainings on coaching that I attended with great curiosity and enthusiasm, I also participated in many other trainings such as NLP, Leadership, Training of the Trainers, Breath Coaching. I started coaching my university students after class. Then my nephews and their friends. In no time, coaching became my greatest pas


Afterwards, numerous trainings became the breath of my life. Everything I learned has been my strong levers that have lifted me up in the most difficult times of my life. I started to think, feel and live multidimensionally. After a while, my own methods, which are a combination of my knowledge and experience combined with scientific research, began to emerge. My goal became creating trainings that do not simply provide a certificate. I started designing trainings that are unpretentious, lean, human-oriented, encompassing all areas of life, experience-based trainings, enriched with scientific techniques. Meanwhile, I started working with family-owned and medium-sized companies in corporate trainings and studies.


I worked with managers who want to make a change in their lives or live better and used my company BESTPRO Academy's frameworks based on work-life balance. These works are both face to face and online for individuals and groups. I share what I learned through my professional coaching trainings, workshops, mentoring and seminars. Not to mention classes with my students. My work with them will always continue!


And finally I say life is short, live as you wish!


With love, health, peace ...







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Professional Coaching

I am an International Coaching Federation (ICF) PCC (Professional Certified Coach) accredited coach. This accreditation means;


  • I pledge to follow ICF's ethical rules and standards.

  • I exhibit master coaching skills in accordance with ICF's coaching competencies.

As a professional coach, I am a member of ICF and EMCC (European Mentorship and Coaching Council) to create awareness about coaching as a profession, to make sure coaching abides by global standards, and to help improve the profession. 

Helping Others

Contributing to, sharing my experiences with, and creating with my community, society and country have always made me happy. So, I led trainings to youth as a part of ¨The Association for Supporting Contemporary Life,¨ took part in ICF's ¨Hand in Hand with the Youth¨ project, and led the ¨Write Your Own Book Yourself¨ project with the ¨Dancing with Cancer Association.¨ I continue to act as a volunteer mentor coach in Junior Achievement Association's ¨3X Program: Effective Participation of Youth in Labor Force, Increasing Financial Literacy and Entrepreneurship Skills Project,¨ in ¨EMCC Turkey and YenidenBİZ Mentoring¨ program, and in TurkishWIN.    I am also one of the Teacher Academy mentors. 





Second Degree

İstanbul University Human Resources Management

My Approach
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